My name is Amy Chang Radosevich, aka Amy C Rad, and I am a Fitness Geek in the San Francisco Bay Area. I live and breathe health and fitness and my life’s purpose is to help people find joy and love for music and movement. Having taught most of the fitness formats under the sun over the last 20+ years, yes I still remember those spandex leotard and leg warmer days, I’ve decided I want to share my experience and learnings with people who want to do what I do but are not sure how to get started.

I was lucky enough to have found a few programs and brands that I LOVE not only because of their quality “products” but because their vision, principles and values are the same ones I believe in! It’s all about support, empowerment, positivity, and community.  I am honored and beyond proud to be a World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® Trainer, POUND®  ICON, Athleta Brand Ambassador and Co-Founder of BMI Fitness.

The purpose of this site is to highlight all upcoming Instructor Trainings and Events I am leading or hosting as well as for me to blog about all things I find fascinating in the fitness world!