Be Good, Be a Rebel With A Cause

Every year POUND® runs an online Tour to Summer challenge to keep people motivated to stay healthy and active. This year’s challenge is called #riseoftherebel and this week’s theme is Be Good, Be a Rebel With a Cause! It’s about knowing your purpose and doing things that makes you happy! I was fortunate enough to discover my purpose in my 20s and quit my job in technology when I was in my early 30s to become a full time fitness professional. The change was challenging to say the least but I never regretted one single day because I was put on this earth to inspire others to love moving to music as much as I do and discover the limitless potential of the human body. It’s so rewarding to see the happy and sweaty faces after each and every single class I teach. Check out our Ripstix Heart Formation from last night’s class! <3

Read the POUND® blog this week and reconnect with your purpose! 

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